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Kenney & McCafferty is proud to announce that home health giant Amedisys, Inc. has agreed to resolve civil fraud liabilities brought under the Federal False Claims Act (“FCA”) for $150 million.  This settlement is, by far, the largest home healthcare settlement in the history of the FCA.  This settlement resolves multiple whistleblower claims, including one made by Kenney & McCafferty client CAF Partners.  Kenney & McCafferty attorneys Tavy Deming and Emily Lambert represented the whistleblower, CAF Partners.  CAF Partners will be awarded with a portion of the more than $25.5 million in relator’s share.

Please follow the links to read more about the Amedisys case, including the settlement agreement and complaint.


Kenney & McCafferty is a premier nationwide whistleblower firm. Our practice is focused exclusively on representing whistleblowers in cases brought under federal and state whistleblower reward programs.

Our team of attorneys represents whistleblowers in connection with:

  • Qui tam cases under the Federal False Claims Act as well as state false claims acts involving healthcare fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, financial fraud and other types of fraud against the government .
  • Claims for rewards under the SEC and CFTC Whistleblower Programs involving securities and commodities violations.
  • Claims for rewards under the IRS Whistleblower Program relating to federal tax fraud and substantial tax underpayments.


Over the past fifteen years, our lawyers have successfully litigated dozens of successful Qui Tam, SEC, and Tax whistleblower cases, including some of the largest recoveries in the history of the False Claims Act:

Kenney & McCafferty also has the longest track record of any firm representing tax whistleblowers in tax underpayment and tax fraud matters, having recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for the federal government on behalf of tax whistleblowers over the past ten years.  Our firm also represents whistleblowers under the newly enacted SEC whistleblower provisions.

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If you have knowledge of fraud or a false claim made against the government, please contact our qui tam lawyers today. Kenney & McCafferty attorneys will consult with you about your case, without obligation. All communications with Kenney & McCafferty attorneys during these consultation services are confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.